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Clients are a lot like children.

Small clients, small problems. Large clients, well, you know the rest.

Or do you?

Yes, landing corporate clients may give you some bigger problems, but we’d argue that those problems are definitely worth it.

Landing a larger client is a big win for any business, especially a smaller, independent company.

While you may be daunted at the prospect of going after a corporate whale, not only do many corporates need to work with smaller companies, the benefits of landing that whale can be massive for you and your business.

Here’s a list of the top six reasons why you should be actively looking to work with corporate clients:

1. Reputational Boost

One of the most immediate benefits of working with a corporate client is the boost to your reputation. This is because corporations are generally well-known and well-respected businesses. Just being associated with them can rub off on you in a positive way.

If a large, well-known company has chosen to work with you, potential clients will see that you must be good at what you do. Success can beget more success.

2. Bigger Projects, Bigger Budgets

When you work with a corporate client, you can expect bigger projects and budgets. This allows you to take on more – and better – staff, which can help you scale your business, make more profits and take nicer holidays!

And unlike smaller clients, it’s not their money that they’re spending with you.

3. Corporations Tend to Be Long-Term Clients

Once you prove yourself and establish a good working relationship with a corporation, they’re likely to keep coming back to you.

Often the initial procurement process is so onerous, for the client as well as yourself, that once you have your foot in the door you can often make yourself at home.

4. More Revenue Opportunities

The more the whale trusts you, the more opportunities you’ll get and the more money you make.

And that’s not even taking into account other divisions, brands, and branches in the same company that your client may recommend you to.

5. Access to New Resources

When you work with a corporate client, you’ll have access to new resources that can help your business grow. For example, they may have access to market research, insights, or technology that you didn’t have access to previously.

6. Gaining New Skills

Working with a corporate client presents an opportunity for you and your team to learn new skills. For example, if you’re an advertising agency, you may be able to learn about brand management, data analytics, or global marketing strategies. These skills may be valuable when working with other – non-competitive – clients in the future.

developing marketing strategies with corporate clients

While landing a corporate client requires some extra effort (and maybe outside of your comfort zone), it’s more than worth it when you consider all of the benefits that can come with it.

Do some research and see if there are any corporates in your chosen vertical that you could approach. You may be surprised at what doors may open up for you and your business.

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