How to get Corporate Clients


Free Webinar

Join Susan Werkner and Peter Applebaum on an online and interactive webinar. Learn the top and practical tips for getting corporate clients online! Break your fears and confidently present your business plan via Zoom or on other online conferencing platforms in an efficient and enjoyable way!


Who This Webinar Is For

Business owners that are:

  • Lurching from project to project with no safety net
  • Struggling with lumpy cashflow
  • Not generating consistent – or any – corporate client leads
  • Suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Stressing about where next month’s rent and payroll is going to come from

Key Takeaways

You’ll learn:

  • Bringing your brand to life and position it to get your message to your target corporate clients.
  • How to use platforms, like LinkedIn to identify your key prospects and get their attention.
  • How you can stand out from the “sea of sameness” in the never-ending ocean of your competitors.
  • Save your time and effort to close the sale by learning what triggers your prospects to say yes.

Meet Your Hosts

Susan Werkner and Peter Applebaum, are the Founders of The Agency Accelerators™ program which has advised, mentored, and coached B2B service business owners, consultants, and agencies worldwide on how to secure 5-, 6- and 7-figure corporate contracts.

The Agency Accelerators™ clients have won contracts with many household brands like American Express, Citibank, Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, Pizza Hut, and hundreds more — as well as smaller corporate organizations across a diverse range of industries.

Susan and Peter have been running their own successful digital marketing agencies for over 20 years, establishing long-term relationships with blue-chip corporate clients. Their business development experience also includes launching one of the most profitable business shows on Sky News, Marketing Matters TV, which was sponsored by the likes of American Express, Optus, Qantas, and Sensis, to name a few.

Susan and Peter know specifically what agencies, consultants, and other businesses need to do to achieve the same result. Using the proven methods they will share in this webinar, we help businesses dramatically grow their revenue by winning corporate clients.

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