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For most people in business, a key objective is growth.

And one of the best and most predictable ways to build any business is to work with the right clients.

Clients who value speaking with you.

Clients who are ready, willing, and able to do the work they need to do to get the results you know they can – and should – get.

Clients who tell their friends and colleagues how fantastic it is to work with you and how their business is now powering as a result.

These are the clients we love, right?

The reality is, not all clients are going to be like this.

And that’s OK. We know that we’re not for everyone, and not everyone is for us.

Having successfully worked with clients all around the world, and spoken with many more prospects who didn’t become clients, in the interests saving everyone’s time – and your money – we’d like to list the reasons we may not be the right fit for you:

1. You Don’t Think That Our Program Will Work for You

If you or your partners don’t believe that a strategic, relationship building, inbound and outbound sales and marketing program will get the results you’re looking for, then you’re probably right, we’re not for you.

2. You Don’t Have Time to Implement a New Program

We get it: you’re busy. There are a million (or close enough) demands on your time every day. The last thing you need is something else that needs to be done.

While our program does take some time – between 5-10 hours over 4-6 weeks – to set up, the beauty of it is that you can get a junior or a VA (Virtual Assistant) to do all the outreach with your pre-approved messaging.

But if you can’t spare even a small amount of time to get the program up and running, that keeps working even when you and your team are busy, then we’re not the right solution for you.

3. Contacts & Referrals Are All We Need

Contacts and referrals (C&R) are awesome! When they work, that is.

If you’re one of those rare people that has so many C&R that your business has been growing strongly on the back of them for a long time, with no end in sight, you don’t need us or anyone else.

If, however, you’re like 99.99% of people in B2B sales and marketing that can’t rely on C&R to build a sustainable business, you need to look at alternate strategies.

4. You’ve Heard it All Before

You know what, you’re right. You probably HAVE heard it all before. After all, this is marketing we’re talking about, not quantum physics.

So assuming you know what to do, what results have you seen when you’ve implemented all the strategies and tactics that you know you should be doing? What growth have you had?

Of course, knowing is not doing.

Unfortunately, most people we’ve spoken with over the years who had this attitude, not only didn’t end up working with us, but they also made no changes to the way they were – or were not – doing business development.

5. You Don’t Want to Grow

If that’s the case, no problem.

You’re one of those people in business who is, for whatever reason, genuinely happy with what you have and don’t want – or need – to grow.

We’ve found that most people don’t fall into this camp. They’re our people, and we are theirs.

work with us

If you feel that none of these five scenarios apply to you, that you want to get corporate clients and you’re open to new ways of landing them, we should talk!

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