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The Benefits of the Program For You

  • Having corporate clients is THE best and quickest way for you to grow your organisation – and profits
  • Identify the most profitable niche for your organisation
  • Generate short and longer-term wins
  • Positions you and your organisation as a leader in your niche
  • Create and retain key client relationships
  • Automates your prospecting giving you more time to scale your organisation
  • Create an unfair advantage when pitching

You Could Do it Yourself But...

You don’t have the time

You’re so busy doing the work, managing staff, taking care of admin and sleeping (occasionally), that getting new clients is ad-hoc at best.

You don’t have a program to get corporate clients

We do. Enough said.

Building an in-house sales team is high risk

Putting the drain on your time and bank balance aside, there’s no guarantee your in-house sales team will generate a single sale.

You want to work with a successful senior team

It can be lonely being a business owner. That’s why we work with you, as a team and help you to make your new corporate client objectives a reality.

About Us

Co-Founders of The Agency Accelerators, Susan Werkner and Peter Applebaum, have worked for a range of agencies and small businesses in Australia and the US. They have been running their own successful digital marketing agencies for over 15 years, winning and servicing numerous corporate clients like Unilever, Pirelli Tyres, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Pfizer, American Express and Optus.

These clients have collectively paid them millions annually. Susan and Peter know specifically what agencies, consultants and service businesses need to do to achieve the same result.

How We Know The Program Will Work For You

Our Agency Accelerator Program™ is a 4-step program that has delivered results across over 100 industries and delivered 100’s of corporate client wins for the organisations that have implemented it.

The program can ensure that you have an ongoing program to build your new business / corporate client pipeline. We also provide weekly support for you and your team, helping to ensure that you achieve optimal results.


“If you’re an agency that needs accountability and support in building a sustainable, effective business development program that works, then you need the team at The Agency Accelerators.

Structured processes, simple tools and an abundance of advice and support. Your investment in growth will be well worth it.”

Tim Kidman
CEO, The FUEL Agency

“I’m so thrilled I made the decision to engage The Agency Accelerators to help us with our business development goals.

As an agency we’ve been able to make exceptional progress in raising our profile and securing new business thanks to what we’ve learnt from Peter and Susan. They are enthusiastic, supportive and always cheering us on from the sidelines.

Thank you Peter and Susan for your exceptional mentorship!”

Carolyn Stebbing
Managing Director, Little Village Creative

“Susan and Peter provide the winning combination of positive encouragement and practical business advice.

Winning new business in the current uncertain economic environment has brought with it unique and unprecedented business challenges.

It’s reassuring to have the support and expert advice of The Agency Accelerators dynamic duo to help guide us through these strange times!”

Triscia Ambrosini
Director, Fresco Creative

“Peter and Susan have an unrivalled collective experience and track record in developing and implementing business development programs that have driven value straight to the bottom line.

Having the opportunity to tap into this knowledge bank, and to co-create a tailored suite of strategies and tactics for my business, has been invaluable and has added immediate benefit.

The thing I value the most though is that ours has not been a ‘once-off’ transaction but a long-term partnership and network that I can trust and rely on.”

John Chan
Managing Director, Berge Farrell APAC

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In The Media

Peter and Susan co-hosted the popular Sky News Marketing Matters TV Show where each week they helped small businesses to grow using a variety of sales and marketing strategies.

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